Mentoring Program

The program

of Mentoring of the Brazilian Network of Journalists and Science Communicators

Writing about science requires a lot of preparation on the part of reporters and editors. However, journalism courses — at most Brazilian universities — do not prepare their students to cover scientific topics. This lack of preparation, unfortunately, affects the quality of science coverage we see in Brazil.

In an effort to encourage journalism students and early career journalists to have more contact with science coverage, the Brazilian Network of Journalists and Science Communicators (RedeComCiência) created its Mentoring Program for young journalists. Journalism students and recently graduates had the opportunity to work with expert reporters with extensive experience in science coverage.



Amanda Milléo
Bruno de Pierro
Cintya Feitosa
Gabriel Alves
Giuliana Miranda
Jaqueline Sordi
Monique Oliveira
Nathan Fernandes
Samuel Antenor
Theo Ruprecht

Alice Lins Ferrante Canovas
Aline Melo
Débora Oliveira
Gabriel Molnar
Jessica Brazil Skroch
Jhonatan Dias Gonzaga
Manuella Caputo
Marcelha Pereira da Silva
Pedro Henrique Miranda Santos
Rebeca de Souza Almeida
Sapphire Fields

Meghie Rodrigues



Henry Kugler

Laurel Hamers (National Association of Science Writers, USA)

Check out, below, the publications produced during the first edition of the program.

Good reading!

Ash left by fires in the Pantanal threatens riverside dwellers

By Sapphire Campos.

Editing by Jaqueline Sordi

Fogo às margens da rodovia Transpantaneira em Poconé, MT., em 2019. Foto_ Bernard Dupont (

Discoveries on Venus help to understand climate change on Earth

By Rebeca Almeida.
Editing by Samuel Antenor


Under Pazuello, Ministry of Health suspends fake news checking site

By Jhonatan Gonzaga.
Editing by Monique Oliveira


Isolated within metropolises: the challenges of those who live with little internet in big cities

By Débora Oliveira.
Editing by Nathan Fernandes


The impacts of the lack of traditional territory on the mental health of indigenous peoples

By Jessica Skroch.
Editing by Theo Ruprecht


Light detected in black hole fusion intrigues even scholars in the field

By Alice Canovas.

Editing by Giuliana Miranda


How Physics and Mathematics Help Explain Political Polarization

By Manuella Caputo.
Editing by Gabriel Alves


Caatinga riches: the unknown potential of one of the most unprotected biomes in Brazil

By Aline Melo.
Editing by Gabriel Alves


Pandemic dreams: a world of discovery

By Marcelha Pereira.
Editing by Bruno de Pierro


From insomnia to alcohol abuse: pandemic damage to mental health

By Pedro Miranda.
Editing by Amanda Milléo Almeida